Sid Meier`s Civilization 5 Research Agreement

Sid Meier`s Civilization 5 Research Agreement: A Game Mechanic That Makes All the Difference

Civilization 5 is a popular turn-based strategy game that revolves around the development and progress of a nation. It`s a game that requires players to make a series of decisions that will affect their civilization`s growth and success. One of the many game mechanics that players encounter in Civilization 5 is the Research Agreement.

Research Agreement is a diplomatic action that players can take to collaborate with other civilizations in the game to mutually boost their research abilities. This game mechanic allows players to team up with their allies or friendly civilisations to exchange technologies, which in turn helps them advance their research tree and achieve victory quicker.

To initiate a Research Agreement, players need to have established a diplomatic relationship with the other civilization, which includes having a trade route, embassy, or open borders with them. Furthermore, players need to have a certain degree of trust or alliance with the other civilization to make this feature work.

Once a Research Agreement is established, players will have to pay a certain amount of gold per turn to the other civilization for a set period, usually about 30 turns. During this time, both civilizations will gain a percentage increase in their research output that is proportional to the technologies they have unlocked.

A Research Agreement can increase the research output of a civilization by up to 50%, which is a significant boost that can help shape the course of a game. This game mechanic is especially useful when players are lagging behind in technologies or are struggling to keep up with other civilizations. By initiating a Research Agreement with a more technologically advanced civilization, players can gain access to more advanced technologies early on and stay competitive with their rivals.

However, it`s important to note that a Research Agreement is not without risks. Players can lose a significant amount of gold if they initiate this feature without properly assessing the other civilization`s intentions or if they break the agreement. Furthermore, a Research Agreement can also make a civilization more vulnerable to its rivals, as the agreement may provide its enemies with an opportunity to spy on their technological advancements.

In conclusion, a Research Agreement is a crucial game mechanic that can make all the difference in Civilization 5. It provides players with the ability to boost their research output and stay competitive with other civilizations. However, players should exercise caution and assess their risks before initiating a Research Agreement to ensure that it benefits them in the long run.

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